June 7, 2012

Day Four

Well hello there my dearest. This post is all about....YOU guessed it, THE BEACH. The closer it gets to Sunday, the more irritated I get. I know I know, "all good things must come to an end..." Sometimes, I don't particularly agree with this saying, but in this case I definitely do! I don't want this to end...ever, EVER! 

Beach Day Four just might have been the most fun of all. Despite the cloudy afternoon, and showers, the hours we spent prior, were a blast.

So have I mentioned yet, that my little brother is all of the sudden interested in girls? He's only fourteen! I mean why is this happening? Should this be happening?

Its an adjustment, more so for my little momma than anyone else. Brady is her baby. The reason I bring his interest in girls up, is because this year is the first year that we have been to the beach, and Brady hasn't been dying to get out on the beach to skim. On the contrary, he, and his friend Ryan are beating the door down in the mornings to get out by the pool to hang out with these two little girls (and I have to give it to him, they are cute little girls!). Yesterday, those two little girls went somewhere all day with their family, so Brady's cute face was actually seen throughout the day. 

Raeghan & I took the boys on in a game of two hand touch. As of right now, we are tied. We will be finishing the game today...OR that's the plan if we can get Brady & Ryan away from the two cuties. Maybe they will go somewhere again today! Ha. We were DOMINATING!!! Gosh it was so fun. We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves because everyone else had gone up at the first sighting of a black cloud. At halftime of our game, we decided to continue with our daily shaved ice cool down time. It was much needed, especially after showing the boys how two girls can play a little football. I'll give you an update in tomorrows post about the outcome of the football game!

I'm ready to do this all over again.I think I will pray a little prayer... Dear Lord, please know that I don't want this vacation to end. If there is someway at all that you can make that happen, please do so. Amen!

It's FRIDAY dollies. Let the weekend begin.



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