June 5, 2012

Beach Day Two

This Photo I snagged using instagram of Rae & I is my FAVORITE photo of us from the trip so far. I want a Big Print of it to put in my room. I just love love love it. It just shows both of our personalities, as well as our friendship so much.

Day Two on the beach was great. BUT the heat was sweltering compared to Monday! Not complaining....just saying. So to cool off, we sat in the shade a little bit more & also treated ourselves to a shaved ice!

Here are a few photos....enjoy!

Being on the beach....ah I absolutely, positively LOVE it. 

After the beach, we got all cleaned up & went off for a little bit of shopping fun!!

we were given pretty little flowers from a fellow:)

A fun fun day & night. I'm so happy I get to do it all over again today too!!!!

LOVE it:)

Hope you have a happy wednesday!

P.S. Today is my daddy's Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! You're the best dad a girl could ever ever everrrrr wish, ask, hope for. Love you so much:) We shall celebrate tonight.

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