June 10, 2012

Beach Day Six

My last day for beach time was not the best, for several reasons. One, it was ridiculously cloudy. Two, the thought of leaving made me ill. Three, Raeghan left me around lunch time. and Four, I was forced inside around 2:00 because of stormy nasty weather. 

Some brighter notes of the day... Raeghan and I had one last shaved ice together. We actually saw REAL "Fish Scale Clouds" for the FIRST time since learning about them from the Georgia boys on Friday! I got a good Yoga Session in, and I got some more good family time in! 

Here are a few of the last photos from the FUN FUN FUN trip.

I sure hope you all have enjoyed my beach posts. Unfortunately they had to end, as much as I didn't want them to. I am currently blogging from my couch...at home! Which isn't anywhere near as inspiring as blogging while seeing the beautiful ocean right in front of me! Oh well, still glad to be home safe and sound! 

Bysie bye  for now


OH Update on the family business...

When I got home my pawpaw took me  to see the damage that was done to the body shop! Goodness, I am SO thankful that my dad, pawpaw and the rest of my family wasn't there working that day. It makes me so sick to think about it. My pawpaw said he felt so helpless standing there watching the building burn and hearing the paint cans exploding from the chemicals and spreading the fire even more. I am SO thankful! My nanny said that everything has been going much smoother than she could have imagined. So if you've been praying for this situation thank you SO much. Keep the prayers coming because as always, they are working! 

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