May 1, 2012

Weekend Photos & Karen Kane

Hey Hey Hey! Tuesday was really GREAT for me. I was super busy at work. Didn't take a breath it seemed like, which in the end means that the work day flew by. I got a whole lot accomplished and I love that feeling as well. 

Today is the actual RELEASE date for Self-Inflicted Overload. If you haven't had a change to check it out, please do so. I promise you it is worth the money to buy. It really gives you new views on how you handle your everyday life. Just check it out.

Also, I missed a few photos that I had forgotten about from the fun I had this weekend. I went to The Magic City Art Fest with a friend from work and snapped a few photos via my iphone.

The festival had SO many great pieces. I was truly blown away by the talent that is in this great city. I love it. After we walked through and saw every piece of work, we treated ourselves to Zen Yogurt. It was the perfect ending.

Now for your TOP TWO picks for today...

My top two choices from KAREN KANE are

NUMBER ONELace Back Stripe Dolman

Seriously, the back is so precious. And of course you know the number one reason why I love it. Stripes. I just can't. help. it.

NUMBER TWOInk Print Side Drape Knit Skirt

This skirt makes me want to go do some SERIOUS Printmaking work. It made me miss Printmaking all the more. The plate, the ink, the printing...ahhh to have the access to that equipment I had when I was an undergrad would be dreamy. This skirt also inspires me to design my own textiles! I love when clothes get my creative wheel spinning out of control.

P.s. It doesn't at all help that I had an hour long skype sesh with France, one person that seriously gets my creativeness gushing out of me!

So do tell me, what do you love from Karen Kane? Do share.

Tootles for now


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