May 15, 2012

Lucky Shoes

I am openly admitting....I have a SHOE problem.

This isn't something that just recently developed. I've had a shoe problem for as long as I can remember. I love shoes. awholefreakinlot. I do know, I get it honestly. I believe this problem is passed down through our genes. My mom loves shoes, my grandmommy, and my Nanny, all LOVE shoes.

So in honor of my shoe obsessions, TOP TWO is all about Lucky Shoes this week.

Here are my picks


Stillwater Studded Wedge I am in DESPERATE need of a new neutral colored wedge. The pair I have, seriously, I have had for well over four, or five years....time for some new ones.


Silvia Wedge

I am in love with the color palette of this wedge.It's so perfect for so many of my summer pieces. I just absolutely LOVE (and need) these.

Well those are my Lucky Shoe Picks!

What are yours? Do share.


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