May 16, 2012

Striped Tray DIY

 I found a DIY that I just really MUST ASAP.

It's STRIPED!!!!! Perfect:)

I saw this DIY from none other than the brilliant Martha Stewart. It's a SUPER Simple project. All you need is a metal tray, tape, and a little bit of spare time. 

All you do is clean the tray thoroughly, let it dry completely. 

After it's dry, tape off the stripes! Then paint the created stripes with your choice of enamel paint! Let it dry...remove the tape! You can seal the surface with a clear paint sealer! 

That's it! The perfect tray for Lemonade POOLSIDE! ahhh refreshing!

Thank you lovely martha!

I will have LOADS of creative sharing over the weekend so just be prepared.

tootles for now friends

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