May 12, 2012

FAB for life. Seriously.

Yesterday as soon as I got off work,

I hit the road FULL SPEED (and a little bit over) ahead to Florence to spend the night with FRANCES! We had such a fun night!!! She showed off her awesome and creative workspace. I learned to make stamps, which was SO fun:)

We had really great talks over sushi. Then of course, we just had to make something! And how perfect is this...We BOTH had making cupcake toppers on our to-do list. It's so strange how Fran and I just seem to be on the same wavelength about nearly everything. She had some to make for a baby shower, and I have some to make for a graduation reception. Oh the leaps and bounds we could conquer if we lived in the same city!

Frances had a gun shooting class to attend today, so my plans are to buy alot of the supplies I need for the upcoming week to help out with Raeghans graduation reception. I might have to make a pit stop by bed bath and beyond, and tjmaxx then Im back on the road to Birmingham just in time for a going away party for my dear friend Kristie!

Happy and relaxing Saturday! Try and stay out of the rain.


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