April 26, 2012

Typical Thursday & depression added

As always,  Thursday kept me at work late...until almost seven once again. Again, I am just thankful I have a job and one that I absolutely LOVE for the most part. Speaking of work, aside from the hectic typic Thursday, today was a depressing and very sad one for us. Someone who has become a rather dear friend to me worked his last day with us. It seriously makes me so sad inside to think about all of the times he helped make my day so fun and bright.

This is the OFFICIAL Sparkle City Photograph. Sparkle City is what he called our little office space. Donnie and Mel B started working together around the same time, and a year or so later, Chris and I followed. We all have become pretty great friends over the past year and to be quite honest these four people have been four of the biggest blessings in my life. I am so thankful for all of them. 

This photo makes me teary-eyed. Sparkle City will NEVER EVER be the same without you Donnie. There will always be something missing. And YES the show tunes WILL go on!! 

I pretty much threatened Donnie's life today and made him PROMISE that he won't disappear from my life. That would be TRAGIC. 

To end on a very happy note, In honor of donnie, I have compiled a few wish list Items


10 Crosby Derek Lam Dress - Short Sleeve with Aztec Print

DIANE von FURSTENBERG Dress - Kabili City Crepe

Splendid Dress - Striped Boat Neck

Aqua Dress - V Neck Color Block

kate spade new york Tote - Daycation Magazine Bon Shopper

kate spade new york Carousel Bangle Watch

That's my small tiny wish list in honor of Donnie. I might fill the void he is leaving by purchasing the kate spade bangle watch. I pretty much adore it and I think it's totally necessary.

Okay I must go read a little.

Do you have a wish list? if so, Please do share!



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