April 28, 2012

Styling Filled Friday

Hey My dear Blog Readers! 

How has the weekend been so far? Good? I think so. The weather has been near perfect! The mornings cool and somewhat cloudy, then the bright sun starts peeking out and everything warms up just perfectly.

Friday afternoon when I left work, I went straight to tackle some more hair styling!

It was SO fun. I honestly just enjoy styling hair and makeup so much. It makes me relaxed and just feel really good to make someone else feel so pretty.

But to be honest, No styling in the world could make Raeghan any more beautiful than she already is...inside & out.

I also pulled off my VERY FIIRST Hair Bow. It was perfect on Reilly and fit her personality like a glove! She's adorable to say the least.

Finally Yesterday, was a really exciting day for me.

Well that was my friday in a nutshell. I ended the night with dinner and a movie with some of my absolutely FAVORITE people! 

This post will be shortly follow by another post! A REALLY exciting one might I add.



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