April 29, 2012

Self-Inflicted Overload

Hi! Okay so I'm back pretty quickly for post number two before I head off for a wonderful day full of soul restoration with my wonderful church family. Goodness I love Sunday's SO much. 

I just had to have this post all on its very own. Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of attending a reception and book signing for the book Self-Inflicted Overload.

When I started working at Rocky Heights I would have never imagined that God would open up so many doors, and allow me the pleasure to meet and work with so many people that would have such an impact on my life. 

The author of this book, Joyce Brooks has no idea what an inspiration she has become to me, since working on her book. She is so motivational and after working day after day on her book, my thought process and attitude about things began to take a new shape. 

I was so honored when Joyce decided to not only use Rocky Heights as her design and printing company, but she also chose to use me as illustrator for the book. I was beyond and excited and overly thankful to use my gifts for something that would have such an impact on so many peoples lives who took the time to read this book.

The book is AMAZING and absolutely will open your eyes to the way you act and the way you handle your everyday situations and life in general. I only read it about 10 or 12 times through the layout process, not too many times, right! What can I say...It's such a good read! 

The reception and book signing was a fantastic turnout. I was pleasantly surprised! 

Not only is Mrs. Joyce a God gifted writer, she also is a wonderful speaker. She spoke effortlessly during her reception. She has such a special character.

Like I said, SO inspiring.

The main illustration was on the cake! My heart just danced around at the first sight of it. The entire reception was decorated beautifully with black and white, and splashes of red.

And here I am with the Lovely Joyce E. Brooks.

I feel SO blessed that God gave me this opportunity to share my gifts that he has so graciously given me. My prayer is that Joyce's book touches the lives of every single person that reads it. I hope this book opens up door after door for her, and I know for a fact that she is going to have much success with this first book. 


Please everyone buy this book. It's a really easy read and it's wonderful. 

Purchase from AMAZON and for more info about Joyce,

here is the Self-Inflicted Overload website!

If you do purchase the book please PLEASE let me know. 

Thanks for reading


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