April 24, 2012

Top Two: Dorothy Perkins

I can hardly believe Tuesday went by as fast as it did. By no means did it zip by, but it did seem to pass more quickly than the norm. I designed a ton of FUN things at work today. My FAVORITE thing I designed was a set of price tag stands for one of my work friends, Tiffany. She is incredibly talented and craft. This weekend she is selling some of her stuff at  Festival in a near by town! I can't wait to see the printed version of the price stands!!

Anyway that's enough rambling I suppose. On to TOP TWO...

This week, I have another online shop that I was just informed of. I love love love all of these  shop suggestions coming in. This weeks TT is all about


My top two choices will come specifically from the swimwear collection because I am on the hunt for a new suit. The beach is only a month and a half or so away and I am OVERLY excited!!!


Floral Print

This Floral Print Bikini is so pretty and it would compliment my skin tone so well.

The only thing I have a little concern about, is floral. I'm not sure how well I pull off florals. Any input on that?


Lemon Daisy

The Lemon Daisy Bikini also is so adorable! This floral element is more subtle so I know I could pull this type of floral off! I just LOVE the shade of yellow this suite is!!

Make sure you stop by and check out DOROTHY PERKINS. shop shop shop!

Tomorrow is the MIDDLE of the week! YES!

night dears


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