April 23, 2012

J.crew children's

Hey lovely! 

How was Monday? I hope pretty good for you. I think I finally recouped from my insane work day on Saturday. Thank the Lord for giving my mind the rest that it needed. I know my brain was in overload last week.

I was browsing the web, because it is Summer and everyone needs new summer attire right? If you said No, well I'm just going to tell you that you are ENTIRELY wrong. 

So as I looked around online at some of my favorite shops, I was of course DELIGHTED when I came across these J.Crew Children's ads. They. are. absolutely. GORGEOUS.

Take a look for yourself!

J.Crew never seems to disappoint. They always have perfect styling! Oh my child, my child, my child...will be dressed just like the above kiddies.

Oh and one last thing I think I MUST get the Stripe Tee Dress, in the 4th photo. What do you think?

Tootles for now


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