April 17, 2012

TOP TWO and Just for Fun

I need a new bag.

Desperately. and that my friend is a complete understatement!

Here are my TOP TWO bag choices by Chloé


Marcie Medium Leather Shoulder Bag

This Ochre Yellow is PERFECT for the season. I love the interesting shape of the bag and the detailed handle.

I actually wouldn't at all mind having it in this Light Terracotta Shade too...yeah just give me both please.


Marcie Small Mini Shoulder Bag

Oh goodness this little mini I really LOVE and yes it does get brownie points for being paired with striped shorts but that isn't the only reason I love this bag. It's small, yet large enough to carry everything you need. I have been having a REALLY rough time trying to find the perfect size to fit my needs, but I think I might have just found it here.

Ready, GO CHLOE now, and tell me....What's your TOP TWO?

Here are a few photos from the Easter shoot. These photos were just for fun.

These photos are the perfect example of why I love these girls so much. They are silly. Fun. Pretty. and all around good fun:) 

I can only hope everyone has a few few blessings like these in their life. Don't look over the  greatest blessings in your life.

sweetie peaches


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