April 16, 2012

Burnt Marshmallows

Friday Night my friends Lindsay & Tripp had a Bonfire!

Here are a few photos from that night. Enjoy.

We had so much fun! We roasted (burned) marshmallows, some people made hot dogs. Chad played some guitar for us. We all had a great time. Most everyone stayed to camp out, but I had to leave early for Huntsville Saturday morning, so I just couldn't talk myself into staying. Girls gotta get that beauty sleep :wink-wink:

Anyway. You will most likely be seeing these people on the blog more often. We had a lot of fun and hopefully will have another one soon. 

How was Monday for you? Mine was good. It went by fast so no complaints about that. I have a pretty busy week ahead, which includes working on Saturday. BOO. Who wants to do that? 

Oh well bysie for now


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