April 7, 2012

Shimmer and Sparkle Saturday

Hey there.

Yesterday was such a fun day! I shopped all day with Raeghan for her last Prom Dress. It blows my mind that she is about to graduate! Raeghan and both our moms also shopped for me some Easter Shoes. Oh my HEAVENS, do you have any idea what a nightmare that can be with a baby foot?!? 

Sometimes I just want to give up and say, "Oh I'll take the little girls size 2 with the pink and green flowers and light up flashing soles." Really:) It can be the most frustrating thing....not only for me, but for the poor poor people who so patiently are shopping with me. AND it doesn't help that I am stubborn when it comes to my clothing, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. When I see something in my head, such as the perfect wedge that would finish my look so perfectly, it is so hard for me to get away from that idea and i'll do almost anything to find it...or just make it:) Shoes however aren't the easiest thing to just make, although I have never tried. Hmmm.

Thank you so much Raeghan, Mom, and Auntie for your patience yesterday! And I am so super HAPPY to tell you, that I did walk away with a fantastic shoe! You will be seeing a GLIMPSE of that at some point today, with an entire Easter Dress post either later tonight or tomorrow night!

On to the Shimmer and Sparkle from yesterday....

When I said Shimmer and Sparkle, that was NO Exaggeration.

She tried on so many dresses, but just for fun! We knew at Dress number three that it was THE ONE.

Not one single dress that you see above is the dress....Come on, you surely know me well enough by now. That dress will definitely have a post of its own in the near future. Until then, you will have to wait in anticipation. Just to clarify...the dress she chose is an absolute show-stopper. I mean I'm just saying.

Well honestly, I can't wait any longer to go get dressed so I can FINALLY wear my Easter Dress! This day brings so much to my heart. Please don't forget what Easter is all about. It isn't about colorful Easter Eggs and a cute bunny that bring you good candy and treats; it isn't about designing, sewing, and slaving over a new dress; it isn't about getting all dressed up; although all of these things are a part of my Easter that I love so much. My Lord and savior gave his only son, who shed his precious blood for me. We are so undeserving of his love, yet he loves us anyway, more than our minds can comprehend. He isn't dead. He's alive! and he lives in me.

HAPPY EASTER my dear friends!

bysie Be back later.


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