April 6, 2012

Morning Coffee


I had CRAZY dreams all night last night. I think it was the coffee I had just a few hours before going to bed. So finally at 6 I just gave up, went downstair and fixed my morning coffee.

My first time to drink out of this lovely little purchase from the Nashville Trip that Frances and I took last weekend. I sort of LOVE it. When I go back to Nashville, I must go back to Hatch Show and buy a few prints! They had SO many gorgeous ones.

This one is PERFECT and I want it:) 

Stop by their site and purchase a print for yourself....or if you find a little soft spot in your heart you can purchase me one ::wink-wink::

Well I must get ready to tackle this day.  Prom Dress Shopping for Raeghan, Easter Shoe Shopping for myself and Jewelry Shopping for Lindsay, Church 29:11 Easter Service tonight. Oh dear Lord please let this day creep by. I need this. 

Bysie Bye Dolls


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