April 2, 2012




NASHVILLE you were SO much fun. Just the whole entire weekend from start to finish was so fun...and much needed & deserved. 


 Frances, Brent (Fran's Boy), Mary Mac (Fran's Mom) and I all went to dinner friday night. And of course, we couldn't go out without going to Target to splurge a little. 

Saturday morning was perfect thanks to Brent! Seriously, Frances has the best boyfriend:) and she soooo deserves that!!!  He bought a coffee pot, coffee, and creamer because he knew how much all of us ladies LOVE and must have our a.m. coffee. Not only did he buy all of that, he also woke up and had it ready for us when we got up...okay seriously?!? How many men do you know that would do that? Thanks Brent!!!

After Frances and I got all dressed and mapped out our shopping plan, we hit the road to Nashville.

Ready for photos. I'm sure you've been waiting, and I think you have been patient enough.

wait wait wait...before we hit the road we absolutely had to make a Starbucks run. Delicious.

After a two hour drive and roaming around Nashville trying to find some where to park, we finally hit the shops! We started on 2nd Ave. and worked our way down 2nd, then down broadway. 

Hatch Show Print was by FAR my favorite shop we visited. It was amazing. I left there missing the printmaking room and equipment that I had 24 hour access to when I was still in school. I also realized that I completely took that for granted. I regret all of the times when I would work on my projects with the mentality of doing things simply because I had to do them to pass. I regret that so much. Seeing a place like Hatch Show opens my eyes and sometimes we need small things like that in life to show us things that sometimes go unnoticed.

We walked, walked and walked...HUNGRY. We wanted to have lunch at a place where we could actually talk to each other, somewhere that was a little bit more quiet and calm than most of the places we had passed on our walk through. 

FINALLY we found this little semi-quiet spot. Merchants.

You know what was REALLY awesome about this place, other than the fact that it was an old shoe shinning parlor, rather than serving you bread while you waited on your food, they gave you POPCORN. It was so perfect!

The Cobb Salad was great and the service was wonderful too!

We walked down Printer's Alley:) What can we say? It is part of our every day life.

And finally, after much walking, we decided to end the day by driving to the Frist. I just couldn't go to Nashville and not pay a visit. So we went and I am SO glad we did. I can NOT wait to go back to the Frist...who wants to go with?!?! 

I love love love this photo Frances took of me in American Apparel. God knows I LOVE garments and fabric. I just can't help it.

The day in Nashville couldn't have gone any better. I think we navigated pretty great. Simple because Frances and I just make the most perfect team. We are both "go with the flow" kind of gals, but we both don't mind at all saying our opinion or what we want to do or not do for that matter. That's why "winging" a trip works so well when it's just us. It was such a blast!!!

To Frances, thank you so much for helping me mark another thing off of my twenty-three before twenty-four list. I have quite a few more things to mark off and I know you will help me in anyway that you can!! You are the BEST BEST BEST friend and Partner in crime a girl could ask for!

I'm ready to go back and explore a different area...maybe a little bit more shopping!

How was your weekend? I would LOVE to hear about it.

Hope you enjoyed all of the photos from the trip to Nashville

tootles for now


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