April 3, 2012

Dress & Alloy

Hi there.

I am super excited to say, I finished sewing my Easter Dress tonight. No terrible mishaps or anything. I had a rather clever idea in the middle of sewing the last little piece. I now am happy to say, that clever idea intensified the dress cuteness by like, a million.

I honest CANT wait to show you all the finished piece. I don't think I am completely finished yet. If I am feeling a little spunky after work tomorrow, I might have to make a trip to Hancock and grab this yellow lace that I just can't seem to quit thinking about. I just feel like a tiny touch of that lace on the dress will add something really special.

Now on to top two for this week. What? did you think I forgot? No way.

This week is all about ALLOY. My good friend and co-worker Melissa always comes prancing into work with THE cutest tops on. And every single time, "Oh, I got it from that Alloy Website." is her response to my reaction to how adorable her shirt is.

Here are my TOP TWO picks from Alloy


The Ettie Wedge I think would go so perfectly with my Easter Dress. We tend to shop for a pair of shoes for a specific event or to match one piece of clothing, and then we never wear them again. I try at all cost to avoid doing this! These wedges would absolutely be worn more than one time!


Mixed-Media Dress. I tried. I tried. I tried.

I couldn't stay away from the stripes. I just couldn't. Especially when this dress flashes before my eyes. It's perfect. I want. I need.

Go to Alloy my friends and see what TOP TWO items you like. Come back and tell me all about them.

One last question...who is ready for the weekend??  I know I sure am. My weekend is going to be so busy, just the way I like it!

bysie bye


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