March 5, 2012

So She Treated Herself

Do you ever feel like you just deserve something? Like you've worked hard. You have completed everything you had on your to-do list and you just owe it to yourself!

Well, that's exactly how I felt on friday when I left work. I had a good lunch with two of my favorite people, Donnie & Chris.

We went to Edgar's. We sat outside in the oh so beautiful weather. I LOVED it!

When I left there I treated myself to some nail polish that I had been so anxiously waiting to come out.

First of all, How in the beautiful world could I not want a product when the Ad campaign has such brilliant styling and photography. It's truly mind boggling and I would love to live in a world where I could dress like this

This polish is so sooo pretty. I just love it. I'm saving it as a reward until my terrible nails have grown out....what can I say, I might have a terrible habit of biting my nails. ew. I know.

When I got home, my Valentine's gift from myself came in the mail from England!

I had been waiting so patiently on my gift to arrive. It took almost two weeks for it to get here.....that can seem like an eternity when you are anxiously waiting on something.

My Necklace was in a really adorable box and when I opened it, it was even more adorable than I had remembered! I. Love. It and you will probably get really sick of seeing it. Apologies in advance.

SATURDAY, I wen to see Wicked

my attire you ask?

Stripped Grey & Black Sweater from American Eagle and Back Palazzo Pants! Pretty simple. comfortable. but fashionable...just the way I like it! Shoes, Black Nine West Wedges.

My Makeup, all by avon...where can you get it? Me of course! If you have makeup questions please feel free to email me and I will defintely answer your questions!

How was your friday and saturday? Hopefully as good as mine!

bye for now loves


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