February 21, 2012

Get White & Small Cosmetic Wish List

Want White Teeth? Honestly, who doesn't?

I love knowing that when I smile, my teeth are clean and shimmering white.

My TOP TWO this week are my FAVORITE products to keep my teeth sparkling white!


CREST 3D White Whitening Strips

The strips are very simple to apply! I can truly tell a difference after using them once. I have used several other forms of whitening and this one seems to be the best for me. I do know that there are other products that might work better for other people, but this one seems to be the perfect one for me.


Crest Whitening Expressions Toothepaste

The wintergreen flavor is good, BUT my favorite flavors are the Cinnamon Flavor or the Lemon! The Lemon is super refreshing, plus I just love most things lemon flavored:)

What are your TOP TWO Whitening Products?


Small Cosmetic Wish List...oh me oh my...I WANT!

                            1. Narscosmetics.com                 5. Dolcegabbanamakeup.com

                            2. Peterthomasroth.com              6. Jamal Hammadi

                            3. Maccosmetics.com                 7. Fixmalibu782.com

                            4. Egyptianmagic.com                 8. Oneloveorganics.com

 What makes up YOUR wish list for this month?

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