January 23, 2012

FAB weekend:January

Hey Loves.

It's been a busy Monday. But what's new right.

As always, I couldn't wait to get to body flow class tonight. It's so perfect. I love that hour that I get to work, yet relax at that same time. I know that can sound contradictory, but it really is the best workout and stress reliever! 

Over the weekend I stayed in Florence with none other than my wonderful best friend-FAB gal-Frances. I got to spend good quality time with her. Talking. Planning. Whining and complaining. Planning some more. Drinking Coffee. Exchanging Christmas. Celebrating Birthdays. Watching Movies. Spending time with her Mom. Her BoyFriend. Oriental Dinners. Missing our Friends from Japan. Planning. Etc. Etc.

Here are a FEW photos.


I had a PERFECT weekend and I was actually pretty sad to leave Florence. I miss Frances and FAB time. I miss Rivertown. I miss Adrianne, Keisuke & Masashi. I miss slaving away over my school projects. I miss the UNA Art Department. I miss Mr. Turner. I miss Stressing. I miss studying. I miss all of these things, HOWEVER there is nothing like going to a job everyday that pays you to actually enjoy working!!!

OH but back to FAB...there are LOADS of things in the works for us. We will never give up on this dream and vision that we have. Even if its far off! We both know that God brought us together for a reason:) and we are excited to see what happens.

Night lovelies


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