December 12, 2011

Resting & Creating

Happy Happy Monday to you dear little reader!

It's coming to an end, but I hope it treated you pretty well! It treated me pretty fantastic if I must say so myself! I ended the day with a very nice Body Flow class. The BEST and awesome way to end a busy day.

Radvent day eleven was about giving yourself a break.

I can't even lie...this is something I struggle with very VERY bad. I don't know how to rest. I feel like I always need to be doing something. I figure life is SO short, so why waste any moment. But, I do realize that sometimes if we listen to our own bodies, they will let us know they can't handle much more, and simply need some rest.

Sometimes when my body starts telling me it's tired, I will write something like this in my planner.... 

"Dear Brianna, Do not let yourself plan ANYTHING tonight. Your body is tired and needs a little re-couping. Thanks so much, Tired Body!"

and my lovely little work friends can prove that as a FACT, because they have literally seen me writing this with their own eyes!

Give it a try, it feels good sometimes.


I ADORE the above statement. It's so true. So many people are so quick to just assume they arent creative, just because they associate creativity specifically with artistic things. But creativity stretches far far far beyond just that. 

Putting aside that I am an artist, there are other things that I create outside of "artistic" related areas. The one thing that I LOVE more than anything to create is Family Memories. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that my family is numero uno! 

We are a close family, on BOTH sides and I wouldn't change one single thing about it. It's amazing to me, and I do realize how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. Not many people can say that. I am SO thankful. 

MEMORIES in general are one of the things that can brighten any and every day!!!

CREATE them, and hold on to them:)

tootles for now


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