December 20, 2011

Radvent Catch-up and Quick Update

one of my favorite songs at the very moment is turning pages by sleeping at last. I have so many songs right now that put a smile on my face. I wish I could open up a time capsule right now that had a play list from around 98 the year my little brother was born. It would be SO awesome to share the music I loved the year he was born.

So that is EXACTLY why, after the craziness of the holiday season...I most DEFINITELY am going to make a playlist from 2011 and put it in a time capsule! I wish I could find time to do it now, but none the less it will be done before 2012 rolls around and YES I will share....If I'm not too embarrassed of my playlist;)

Vintage: Twiggy

Modern Day: Zooey Deschanel

As far as fashion goes. It. is. my. life. Pretty much. I absolutely Love more than anything mixing and matching my clothes everyday. When I discover a new way to style my clothes together I am beyond thrilled! It's somewhat hard for me to words.

As far as trying new trend, there aren't ever really any new trends to me.My style is just me. I dress how I do, whether its fashionably correct or not. My style is just Brianna. Thats it....I just embrace it. It's just how God made me.

P.S. On the 18th last year, I graduated college!! Crazy how time goes by, things change...for the better. FANTASTIC and so amazing.

The 19th of December marks the 6 month period until my birthday. Inner happiness is something that is so important to find. Being happy with who you are creates drive, confidence and freedom, at least these are a few of the things that I get from being happy with who I am. The things that make me happy and proud of who I am is that in all honesty, I am just me....nothing more, nothing less. I have good times and I have bad times, but always seem to figure them out. I know that without God's guidance I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have the people in my life that I need. I wouldn't have the job I am so blessed to have...and the list seriously goes on and on. I'm happy and proud because I've found the ONE thing in life that matters and nothing can ever take that away. There's so much peace, and HAPPINESS in that.

I sure Hope you are enjoying radvent this year! I sure am. I don't remember last years Christmas Season being so over taken with Christmas Parties here, there and everywhere! I have been SO busy, but I'm trying my VERY best to keep up.

Tonight I had my work Christmas Party. It was a blast:) I've been doing LOADS of baking and goodie making for the Holiday. Tomorrow I have a hair appointment. Thursday and Friday are Christmas Parties and I still have a few more Christmas gifts to square away....eeeeep I'm simply running slap out of time. I can do this!!!

Enjoy every second of the Holiday Season Craziness because it will be over in a few short days, and we will be itching for it to be here again!



P.S.My friend Whitney Gave me a blog award. Love you Whit....You're a fantastic little lady and I'm so blessed to call you a great friend. Stop by Whit's blog and say hi to her. She has the cutest blog:)

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