December 5, 2011



It's MAJOR Radvent catchup time! well actually I'm ONLY two days behind...for some reason I thought it was far worse.

Oh Gee...This is something that I do...literally EVERYDAY!!!

when I walk downstairs to head out the door for work, my pawpaw more times than not will say..."New Outfit??" and I always reply...ummm NO this was so last DECADE! The thing is with my wardrobe, I do exactly what Tim Gunn says to do, I "make it work"

Here's the's all about having a few essential pieces that you can mix. match. and layer in several different ways!!! That's how I have [in the words of my paw] a "new outfit" on everyday!!!

Its SO thrilling to discover a new combination. Just MAKE it work:)

Good golly...I just LOVE

The fascinating parts are....I'm a little shrimp with big colorful hair that has overloaded eye makeup and overall a warm and loving heart. That's me in a nutshell with fascination written all over it;)

What are your fascinating assets?



P.S. I'll post RV4 and RV5 tomorrow during the day, and HOPEFULLY get around to RV6 tomorrow night! I LOVE you my little blog followers.

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