December 4, 2011


Balance Balance Balance...ahhh yeah its something I completely struggle with! But in all reality who doesnt?

My mom tells me all the time, "Brianna, you can't do it all..." But I WANT to!! I do. I definitely dont have enough time in one day to do all of the things that cross my mind.

The MAIN thing I want so badly is to find a good balance between is my work work & and my personal side projects. There are so so so many ideas that I have, I just need to find BALANCE to get them all accomplished!

This week, I am going to start WRITING out the things that I need to get squared away! When I write things down, I actually get them finished. I always have to have a visual.

So, I hope if you are having trouble balancing out the everyday life, that you take the time to find real Balance! 



P.S. speaking of BALANCE...I've started going to a yoga class. LOVE. IT. 

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