December 6, 2011


Caring. OUCH. That's a tough subject for me. I CARE about every little bitty teensie thing. LITERALLY

ninety-nine percent of my life I feel like I'm in a battle between doing the things I know I really want to do versus doing what someone else wants to do.  ALSO ninety-nine percent of the time, I end up doing the second of the two.

I do realize that sometimes the hardest thing to do, is to simply do what BRIANNA wants to do, What I know will make me happy...but really its way more complicated than it is simple.

The bible, in Matthew, says that if we seek God first everything that we need will be provided for us....

Well I actually have a theory about self happiness that goes pretty much the same.

If we find our own happiness within our selves, by doing the things that we know will make us happy, then all other happiness will come from other different areas.

This idea is something that I think about daily and really try so hard to fulfill. Happiness is Beautiful. Just be happy, find exactly what makes you happy and do just that!



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