October 17, 2011

Oh Sandy My Darlin

Halloween is QUICKLY approaching

and I am rather excited about it.

Tell me tell me, Do you still dress up? This girl does

and this year, I can hardly wait to be this little lady...

My plan is to definitely Thrift for all of the pieces I need!

The hair,... thats no biggie here. Got that in the bag, as well as the makeup.

So now all I need, is some pleatherish (ha) skin tight leggings,

I will thrift a cute little black belt as well as the leather jacket!

I will make my shirt.

As far as my red shoes,

I have some pretty great red heels, BUT they HURT my feet so bad!

What do you think? I'm so excited. I really think I can make myself look pretty close to the real Sandy!

eep. SO fun.

What are your plans for Halloween.

Do Tell.


P.S. I need a Danny. Any takers?



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