October 15, 2011

A FALL filled Saturday

Happy Saturday to you!

It's almost over already, but I worked worked & worked all day. 


I actually had to work this morning, and worked until about 1:00. 

Then, I met my lovely mom and bought random things to make her yard Oh so PRETTY for fall!

Here are a few photos. Enjoy!

What do you think?

Pretty Cute Huh?

Mom and I Made the WREATH ourselves.

I LOVE it and my mom LOVES it even more!

SO the remaining hours of the day that werent spent "working" was spent in the company of good friends.

I had a random run-in at Newks with Three great friends, then I joined them to watch some football tonight! 


I'll be back tomorrow friendies

love LOVE 


1 comment:

Sierra said...

Hi honey, looks like you are all set for fall time! Love all of your pictures and hope you are doing well! xo!