October 14, 2011

A five point Checklist

Hi lovelies! I hope your Friday evening was a Great start to the weekend!

Do you know any ladies that just have this GIGANTOR ridiculously long "Checklist"

of what they are looking for in their significant other? Some of them are absolutely insane, and to be quite honest it might be exactly why they have a hard time finding someone. 

However, I'm not so quick to pass judgement because I as well have a checklist...well lets not call it a checklist, It sounds mean that way!

QUALITIES rather:)

I thought it would be fun to share the qualities that I believe shapes the person God has picked out for me!

1. God. Number ONE. 

2. Fashionable

3. Goal Oriented & Motivated

4. Selfless rather than selfish

5. Make Me Laugh & Smile

See not too bad:)

Come on ladies with the scary checklists, give these gentlemen a break! Of course a girls gotta have her standards, no doubt! But, don't be so rough on these poor guys!

Anyway hope you enjoyed my odd rambling. Happy WEEKEND!

I have fun holiday decorating coming tomorrow at some point so be sure to check back!



P.s. I have to WORK in the morning....Rejoice always I guess.

haha just blessed and thankful for the job I am able to go to!

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