July 26, 2011

A Super cute Jumpsuit & OH so pretty window display

Last week I posted about both,

Pretty Window Displays




This weekend I brought both of them to life in the cutsie little city of Florence, Alabama.

Billy Reid ALWAYS has really great and eye catching window displays. So I wasnt at all surprised to see another gorgeous one as I walked down beautiful Court Street.

AMAZING Job Mr. Reid. Youre rather talented.

If youre ever in Florence, Court Street is a must WALK.

There are several shops, and a very cute and new little frozen yogurt shop, also trowbridges, Mcgraws Coffee, and just one block over, is my FAVORITE FAB meeting spot, Rivertown Coffee. Ahhh Gah I do miss Florence quite a lot.

But, needless to say, I had a great great great time this weekend, especially seeing FRANCES. 

SHOUT OUT: Love you Fran & Miss you! NEW YORK is going to be the best trip ever for you. Send me LOTS of picture messages and SKYPE ME! LOL!!!!

Okay friends, I just wanted to share my blog coming to life:)



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