July 25, 2011

A FofFAB weekend


I had such a great weekend in Florence with Frances and her wonderful family!

Friday night when I got to Florence, Frances was throwing a huge party for Handy Fest. The past three months Fran has been working her bootay off planning and getting everything together for the party. Well, needless to say all of her hard work definitely paid off and it was very evident that she worked SUPER HARD on the planning process.

There was great music and entertainment.

After the party we just stayed at Frans house the rest of the night....then I started getting sick. BLAH BLAH BLAH it was horrible! I cant believe of all the weekends for me to be sick, I had to be sick on the FAB weekend! Whats up with that craziness? Me no likey.

A little run-down of the entire weekend...Movies, Laziness, Apple butter making, Apple butter canning, Apple butter decorating, Movies, Shopping, Movies, Delicious Sunday Dinner prepared by the one and only Mary Mac (Frances Mom), Target x's 4, Movie, Sleep, Frances work photo shoot, work errands, ....and I have now made it to the present moment as I sit and type.

I am patiently waiting for FIVE O'CLOCK to get here. Mary Mac and I are meeting Frances at LEGENDS which is an amazing steak house for Dinner, then we are off just across Mobile Street to The Shoals Theater to see the lovely lovely LOVELY Civil Wars!

Here are some photos from the weekend!!


Bysie for now gotta get ready for tonight. LOVES

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