July 24, 2011

Harem Love.

Only ELEVEN days left until I will be boarding on a cruise ship to Mexico.

I am OVERLY excited about it, and can NOT wait! 

But this trip means, I am in PANIC mode for some new attire. I am absolutely about to KILL for some HAREMS!

So heres to HAREMS and the tgif post I missed on Thursday. 


o.m.g. They are just super amazing. 

and I want some. Now. Lots of them. Now.

Oh gah I cant wait to get my hands on a pair!

any suggestions of where I can get the most adorable ones?

do share.




MSweetTreats said...

Loving those gorgeous flowy floral harem pants! They scream Mexico to me! : )

bonfood said...

Loving the floral harems!. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. Enjoy yourself in MEXICO

chefholly said...

LOVE your pictures! Thank you for visiting www.chefholly.com I appreciate it! Never lose sight of your dreams and always keep them big enough that you MUST continue stretching to reach them!
All my best to you, my dear!

Reisa Bryant said...

i LOVE these pants! I'm gonna tell me dad to look for us some while he is in Spain!! :)