February 2, 2011

The start of Little Creators & Creative Share

Hi there Loves.
Since moving back to Birmingham, 
I have been getting pretty involved in Church.

The 7:14 [college, and young adults] group that I am in, 
has started leading small groups on Wednesday night with the little kiddies!
I am leading a cute group called 
Little Creators.

I am so overly excited about leading the group.
I know God can use me through getting a little crafty, and I am SO excited to share it with others.
I have been planning and planning.
It will last for six weeks and tonight is the first one!
I'm also thinking, that since I actually do a a creative post every Wednesday anyway, 
I will just start including this as my Creative Share post
for Trendy Treehouse!

This week
The craft is going to focus on 

we will be making the cutest little button bracelets.
The Rainbow is a sign of God's promise to us. 
God always stays true to his word
and is faithful to us, the people he loves so SO much. 
I am so thankful for all of God's Promises.

The bracelets will be a reminder to always have faith in the things that God has promised!!

Want to make them?
They are SUPER easy!
all you need is

Elastic Cord
and a Rainbow of 

Cut the cord a little larger than your own wrist
String the buttons through two holes
Some of the buttons I used were four hole, but I continued to sting only through two.
tie MANY knots at each end
and that's it!

I hope the kiddies LOVE them.
Ill be sure to update you on how it goes.

tootles for now


Kandi said...

i LOVE it!!!! i'm going to have to make these with olivia!!!

Kyla said...

LOVE THIS!! I wanted to sneak into your class, but I had fun with my not so little composers too! haha

Christy said...

That's really precious! I'm so glad you are using the talents God provided for His benefit! I can't wait to see the future crafts!

Karen said...

I'll bet the button bracelets will be a hit! Buttons, jewelry and a lesson all together sounds like a perfect project for your class. :> Thanks for stopping by & saying hello!

Emily said...

Great idea! I know if I were there at that class that I would love 'em. :) Can't wait to hear how it goes.