February 4, 2011

Lovely Letters T.G.I.F.

I'm only a few hours short of my 
Thursday's tgif post.
Do forgive me.

Have you ever thought about something as simple as Letters?
Like an individual letter.... like "L", or "B"?
There is such a beauty to them I think.
I especially love how we, as individuals all have distinct and certain ways that we write them.
We all have our own handwriting.
It's so beautiful too. 

This week for tgif, I'm totally inspired by letters.
Both letters in individual form, but also in that "love-letter" form as well.

There is just so much power within a simple letter.
It's rather amazing isn't it?

Letters, as you see, truly do have so much simplicity and beauty.
I particularly am fond of my own handwriting.
specifically writing the letters "L" and "B"
both which I mentioned above.

I have recently developed a little "snail mail" friend.
My FAB lady Frances and I have been writing back and forth since graduation.
I have REALLY enjoyed it.
I wish Adrianne would join in:)

I just think that it's SO easy for us to forget and abandon 
simply writing a little note.
speaks so much more than an email, or a little comment on facebook.

I refuse to let the beauty of writing go away, at least from my life.
join me.
It really is a good thing.

What is inspiring you this week?!?

tootles for now

P.S. I'm going to see the Civil Wars tonight with my VERY BEST friend Trés and I am so excited about that.
I'm excited about both EQUALLY.
Yes Trés, you are on the same level, if not above the Civil Wars. 


Anonymous said...

I also have certain letters I like to write more than others. L is one of them and I think J. I like when they are the starting letter of the word though...it makes the fact that you can make the letter fancier so much more fun.

Pamela said...

beautiful collection!