August 14, 2010

A Friend Filled Friday Night & 4 SIMPLES GOALS

Hey there Cupcakes.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Friday.
I sure did.

My Sweet Sweet Daddy-o spent his entire off day helping me frame all of my GIGANTIC paintings!
It was such a relief to get them all framed and ready for Exhibition that will be here before I know it.
It's going to be so exciting to have MY OWN show. Just Mine, and ONLY MY work.
So, framing them took the entire day, and If it wouldn't have been for my Dad, I would probably still be working on painting number one. ha.

Did I mention that on Wednesday, My little brother started Middle School!
It's so hard to believe.
He's growing up TOO fast!

After we finished all of the framing, I RUSHED to get dressed for a little girls night out, since Handsome MikeMike, and Dad went fishing.

I love getting dressed to go places.
Here lately I never EVER get to enjoy taking my time to get dolled up.
I should fix that!

One of FAVORITE little ladies SHELB, met me at my house, 
then we drove about 45 minutes to the Galleria to meet up with two other girls I graduated with, 

We had dinner in the food court, sat and talked SO long, and laughed until our stomach cramped up and our cheeks ached from hearing about the other two ladies married lives.
They both married Kyles too. ha. just saying. 

After, we shopped until the stores literally cut off all of the music...meaning "GET OUT OF OUR STORE!"
Believe me, I've worked retail [which I really miss working] and I know how frustrating it is when you're trying to close, and people just continue to shop shop shop.
Apologies sweet girls. Thanks for being so patient and kind.

It was such a fun and nice night, and it's also so great to be able to spend time with people who seriously mean so much to you.
SHELBEY ALESE! I love you dearly:] and love our heart to heart conversations. 
We have had SO many over these long years of friendship and have SO many more to come!

Remember THIS!
So, I think I have come up with FOUR very SMALL things.

 Make and Take more time for myself to get dolled up.
Taking the time to actually pick out what I am going to wear.
rather than just grabbing something, throwing it on, and not caring if its wrinkled or if it matches. 
That's CRAZINESS and just not at all necessary. 
I will start making the time to get dressed at whatever pace I want. 
I will have time to
 primp, and curl.
Tease, and spray.
I will, I will, I will!

Smile more.
Not just a Smile to hide, or cover-up what I may be feeling.
But I WILL SMILE a wholehearted GENUINE smile.
Every Single day.
I am, for the most part, a happy person, 
but with summer coming quickly to an end, I tend to clam up.
As you can tell from my blog, My family is my entire life!
and the thought of having to be away from them, ONCE again, always gets me in a sad mood.
I have NO reason what-so-ever to be sad about it.
for several SEVERAL reasons,
A: It's only 2 hours distance from my home
B: God has blessed me beyond measure with a second family 
that Loves me like I'm their own.
C: I get to spend LOADS more time with my handsome Mr.
D: CLASSES in general. I LOVE school WAY too much!
E: My Class buddies are GREAT! Art majors understand each other, when no one else understand our somewhat odd ideas:) LOVE IT!!
F: Florence is a gorgeous little town, and so nice.
So see, I have absolutely NO reason at all to always get sad, 
and this being my last semester, 
I will Smile every single day about how blessed I am. 

Let my nails grow out.
I LOVE nail polish 
there for a good while, I was painting my nails CONSTANTLY
but here lately I've been slacking.
Painting my nails makes it easier for me to break the terrible habit of bitting my nails. Disgusting, I know.
I want some GLITTERY polish!

I keep my little camera in my purse ALL THE TIME!
which is great so you never miss a moment,
but what isn't good, Is LEAVING the photos on the SD card [or on the computer], rather than getting them in actual print form!
I will get at least FIVE photos a week printed.
The photos in my room really need to be updated!

If you decide to post your 4 simple goals be sure to stop by Elsie's blog and leave her a link, so she can read all about it.

Hope you have a SUPER FUN and BLESSED Saturday.


Kandi said...

you forgot something!! i'll be an hour away from florence in... about 9 weeks!! :P your goal list is great.. i need one. :) and also, you look beautiful! <3 but you know that! :)

Kim said...

I love all your goals!! But I could totally steal number one...I find myself wearing the same thing day in and day out just because it's laying there!Yikes!
Thanks for sharing and for stopping by and visiting my little blog:)

Mr Lonely said...

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Claire said...

cute!!! your goals are so fun! good luck with all of them :)

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I like your goals. They all sound very doable and fun.

Leah B. said...

Looks like you and your friends had a blast! Can you believe you are almost done with school? I loved reading your goals! Maybe I should share the goal to get myself cleaned up and pretty. I definitely don't do that enough! Love you :)

Kristin said...

You've been having a fab weekend doll. YAY!

Jessica said...

great list of goals! good luck!

adonis cabaret shows said...

looks like so fun. I love all your goals!! Ladies Nights

Glass*Plant said...

This is a great list. The Smile one is my favorite. I have been trying that all summer. It is so nice to get smiles...or even a hello...back from strangers on the street. Love it! Just posted mine today. So hard to make them simple!