August 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces [week two]

Hi hi!
as always, I'm up bright and early
and I am overjoyed about it
especially when I get to look forward to sharing a few things about me
with all of you, my lovely readers.
It makes me SO excited.

Lovely heels
It's FUN!

So here I am with WEEK NUMBER TWO of Bits & Pieces.

The BITDescribe what your Monday's are like.
THE PIECE: While Mondays for most people are dreaded and not so great, I've always liked Mondays. 
I always think of them as the start of something new, and I think it's really up to the individual on how their dreaded Monday goes. I think that things are only what we make them. 
So, I choose to make my Mondays Happy. Try it, its good.

THE BIT Cake or Cupcakes?
THE PIECE: Oooo. that's a hard one.
I love cakes that are three-layered.
so if it is a three-layered cake. I choose cake!
but, I would choose cupcake over sheet cake any day!

THE BITMy Blogging pet peeve.
THE PIECE: I love reading people's blogs that are family filled, creative, inspiring, and all around a good time.
I try to keep my blog up-beat, really happy, and inspiring!
If I ever start slacking on that, make sure you let me know:)

THE BIT I will never ever EVER.
THE PIECE: Forget how I have been raised. I am so thankful that I have been raised in a God fearing home.
My parents have been the most amazing people I could have ever dreamed of, and I will never ever EVER forget what they have taught me, and what I have learned by their example.

THE BIT Favorite Picture of the weekend.

THE PIECE: this photo of Shelb and Erin!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shelbey's NEW outfit.
She's darling in it, and I had more than A BLAST shopping with here this weekend.
and she has a super gorgeous new hairstyle.

Jump in on the Bits & Pieces fun
so we can all learn more about each other.
I love reading about everyone else.

sweetie peaches.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I have never been a Monday person. I've always hated it. But well, I think I have just learned a trick from you. I guess it really is a matter of thinking. Next Monday will be a wonderful Monday. =)

Kristin said...

How about cake AND cupcakes. HA!

Leah B. said...

This is too cute! And I love that outfit she is wearing too. That skirt is awesome! Looks like you are having a great Monday :)

Alex said...

yeah not a fan of sheet cake either!

Ms. Mayra said...

so true about making Mondays, just like life, what you want out of it.

3 layer cakes are the best!! but i still prefer cupcakes. =)

what a lovely picture, love her hair color.