June 27, 2010


Today was the first full day here in Florida!
The weather was...well, very VERY hot, but nothing less than GORGEOUS.

My Mommy-o and I started our day off with some coffee, reading,
 and a nice little walk on the beach.

We all had breakfast, and the Kids [yes, my pawpaw included] played some poker for a bit.
Poker playing is something that goes on throughout the entire trip.
Brady, Reisa, and Reilly just LOVE it!!!
and it's so FUN to watch and listen to how serious they are about it.
VERY entertaining.

[I love these kids beyond words]

We spent the ENTIRE day on the beach.
When I say entire....I mean the ENTIRE day!
We went out there at about 9:15 and stayed on the beach until after 6.
It was a really REALLY great day, and I HOPE tomorrow is the same!

 Tonight, on mine and Raeghan's drive back to the condo, we noticed they were having movie night in the neighborhood and there were super sparkly and pretty lights everywhere!
So, we walked back down, and took some pictures, and had a whole lot of fun.
[I will share more photos from our fun tomorrow]
We walked, and talked....and laughed. and laughed. and laughed.
It's been a REALLY long time since we have gotten to spend REAL quality time together, so it was so SO great!
and to think I have an entire week ahead of more Raeghan time. [yay!]

alrighty, I hope you enjoyed the peek at all the fun we are having. There will be much MUCH more to come!

tootles loves,

Daddy-o, and My Mikey
and Lydie Lou!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos, they really make me excited for my holiday.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Great photos!

I'm in FL and HOT is an understatement.

The sand writing is too cute! We always write things in the sand on our vacations and take pics. I never thought to send messages to those back home. Thanks for the idea!

waterwaif said...

Love your photos!

I'm a new follower so I must have missed it: where in Florida are you staying?

Sweet November said...

Hey Brianna!
You won my headband giveaway, so contact me by the end of the week so I can get it sent out to you next Monday!

Stephanie said...

Love the pics!!

Liz said...

Fabulous photos! You guys look so rested and relaxed and like your having so much fun! ....wish I were there! *smiles*

Enjoy your trip, can't wait to hear all about it! ~Liz