June 26, 2010

Travel Day


Today was the start of another PawPaw & Nanny Summer Trip!
which are my absolute FAVORITE.
I am so SO blessed to have the family that I do, and I LOVE more than anything in the world, spending time with them.
I would much rather,  be with my family, ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, than with any other friends that I have.

I called it a REALLY early night last night, because I was just ecstatic for today to get here.
This morning my feet hit the floor with much excitement.

Speaking of Feet,
I really REALLY wanted to wear THESE!

I've had my eye's on these rain boots for the last couple of months
and yesterday,
I found them for only $6
which made my day...I'm a bargain shopper!
But no rain today for me to wear my new booties

So, back to the fun Vacation,
My feet hit the floor with a little extra pep behind my step!
Mom, Boobster, and I got dressed and daddy-o helped us load up the car, then we were off
three very happy little people!

We met my Pawpaw and Nanny, Aunt Stacey, Raeghan, Reisa, and Reilly and we were well on way!

 I get to be with RAEGHAN all week, which makes me really REALLY happy.
She's sooo FUNNY
I lOVE her!
[and actually everyone else that is here with us!]

I'll be here all week keeping you up to date, and maybe a little jealous of the fun fun fun trip!!

sweetie peaches

p.s. we stopped on the way here and got lots of yummy peaches!


Kandi said...

have a super fun time! :)

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

Sounds fun - enjoy!

Those rain boots are so fun! I totally forgot I bought the cutest pink plaid pair...it rains here almost every afternoon and I could be using them...ahhhh!

Whitney said...

Cute rainboots!

trippingtiffies said...

i want those boots! where'd you get them??


Val said...

Those rain boots are so adorable.