March 23, 2010


My very good friend Whitney always participates in this REALLY cute
that is hosted by The Undomestic Momma
Check out both of there Blogs!
so I'm going to jump in on all the fun!

HERE are the things that I CAN'T do without
today at least...

Number 1:
My Hair Bow!

Today, My hair was driving me INSANE and it kept falling in my face
so my adorable hair bow saved me from the annoyance!
not to mention Hair bows are just adorable anyway.

Number 2:

My Mascara!
I MUST have Mascara.
I love LOVE makeup. Period.
I sale it.
and thats because I LOVE it SO much!
Cosmetics are gorgeous. and I LOVE being able to be creative with my makeup

And Macara is a MUST
I use superFULL by Avon
It works SO great because I have microscopic eyelashes that are blonde, and they look SO long and Full with this mascara.
If you ever want to try some, Ill get you a tube to try out..
Oooooo I just got such a GREAT idea!

ha will share later when I get all the details organized and collected!
AH IM ecstatic now!

Welp thats my TOP 2 TUESDAY
hope you enjoyed
and Join in on the fun!


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