March 23, 2010

love LOVE, BLUES & MEMPHIS day 1

WOW have I missed you!
I had all intentions on blogging ALL day yesterday.
Unfortunately, that just didn't happen.
but it's okay..because I'm here TODAY, at least for a little while!

This trip has way too many details so I am splitting this up into a blog for each day!
So this is DAY 1

Last Thursday, as soon as I got out of watercolor, I busted out of that place.
give my mr. Handsome a good-bye kiss,
so we always meet at this adorable coffee shop in downtwon Florence

After I met him, I drove the lonely drive home.
but no worries.
the music of these two gave me GREAT company!

So when I got home, I rode with my mom to gardendale so she could go visit my nanny's brother who is in the hospital. I skipped out on that hospital trip and decided I would treat myself for making it through another week of SO SO stressful schooling! So, I went and got a manicure.
It was SO relaxing and VERY MUCH needed!
My nails are now a gorgeous shade of PURPLE and the girl who did them was a sweetheart and adorable.
After my mom got back, I went home and got caught up on my working hours for the week....geeezzz I worked into the WEE WEE WEEE hours of the morning & had to be up at 5am

So after I slept a FEW short hours I got dressed....Cute if I must say so myself :]

So we had to be at my nanny & pawpaws at 8 in the morning.
We stopped at Cracker Barrel where I ate some Egg Beaters and Toast.
Then, we were off on our way to MEMPHIS!

The long highway there was SO fun.
My nanny really gets her "panties in a wad" over my pawpaws driving, which is SO hillariously entertaining!
The entire way there we competitively messed around with this SO GORGEOUS VW CC.
It was back and forth back and forth of flying past each other.
unfortanetely in the end, and at the last stretch the VW came out victorious, but PawPaw sure put up a good fight in the little ole honda!

I also drew out a "Plan" of the trip.
which we didn't follow at all! HA. but it was still fun making it

There were a couple of big events going on in memphis while we were there
the Grizzly's had a basketball game, there was some cheerleading competitions, and ALSO

JOHN MAYER was playing at the FEDEX :]
I would have LOVED to have had tickets,
BUT me and Poppie did scope out a HUGE TOUR BUS for a little while to see who got off of it....A rather trashy lady ended up coming off of it. I sure hope she was getting off her bus, and not John Mayer's because I would be very disappointed if he had that LOW of standards..ha!

Back to what I was saying about there being some events going on....we had a few problems finding a place to stay, but eventually we found a room at the new Courtyard Marriott! it was SO SOOO nice!

after we loaded our luggage into the room we headed off to grab some lunch.
and Here is where I talk about my pawpaws LOVE for food.
He LOVE LOVE LOVESSS to eat and I honestly think he thinks it's a royal SIN to miss one single meal
anyway so we went to this place called Huey's that SO many people told us was GREAT.
Long story, Short, We ALL hated it. It was NASTY and TERRIBLE SERVICE!
but that's okay maybe they were just having a rough day...


so, after the wasted meal,
we stopped by the Gibson factory. We didn't actually take the tour but we did look around. It was HUGE!

 we walked down Beale street and listened to a couple of people singing ang playing music.

We walked around the Fedex Forum where John Mayer was playing

We took some photos and danced a little
it was hard not to dance I mean there is just music everywhere!! its LOVELY! and SO fun

After that we had a couple of detours off of our "plan" I had mapped out.
our GPS broke. anyway, without getting into WAY too many details
 after venturing off and a couple of hours of great memory making we made it back to Beale Street.

When most people were getting ready to crawl into bed...Beale street was just getting it's night started.

and as I said before My pawpaw LOVES to eat so we had to squeeze in that 3rd meal for the day!
We ate at Blues City Cafe

MUCHO better than Huey's..Yuck!

Most people my age get into the "getting crunk & drunk" sort of thing.
To be quite honest, I have absolutely ZERO tolerance for it.
Some people could barely walk straight and after about five seconds after being there I was PAST ready to get away from the foolishness. IT'S CRAZY
Its so Sad.

So after we headed to the room
after we all got ready for bed, took a couple of medicines,
and PawPaw ate his midnight snack of cookies.
we all quietly slept peacefully!

Ill be back soon with Day 2...GRACELAND!
How was your weekend? Was it as interesting as mine??
I would LOVE to hear about it!

I off to the movies with my Mr.:)


whitney said...

what are you going to see? check out my latest blog BRI i think youll likey :) and no, i would have rather been in memphis! haha

Karin said...

OMG-Was your mother wearing tennis-shoes???? hehe