March 24, 2010

Memphis day 2!

I'm back
with the rest of my Memphis trip!
so... lets see, where did I leave off??
ohhh, YES!

So on Friday night, after my PawPaw ate his midnight cookie snack, we all passed out from exhaustion!
Let me just say, If you know me, you know I'm an early bird.
If I sleep until 6:30, that is LATE for me!
But I slept until 7 stinkin 30
WHICH is BAD....Real Bad!
If I sleep TOO LATE (7:30=TOOLATE)
 so, needless to say, I woke up on the WAY WAY wrong side of the bed.
ugh I was such a BRAT and am SO ashamed, but what can I say I'm not mrs sweet little Brianna all the time.
so, I wake up and My sweet PawPaw has made coffee. BUT we have ZERO powder creamer, which I must have every single morning. So I was all ill and pouty because I didn't have Creamer...REALLY Brianna??? that's pathetic.

anyway soooo, I start getting ready, and if my morning without creamer couldn't get any worse. My hair just pushes me right off the edge of the insanity cliff! It looked HORRIBLE! it was too soft, limp, and FLUFFY!
so that REALLY made me ill, and I'm not ashamed for acting rediculous over my hair because I am a girl and every girl wants her hair to look presentable!

So after I just had to give it up on the hair, we went down for Breakfast.
We had breakfast in our hotel. It was DELICIOUS
I ordered oatmeal
(which I eat EVERY SINGLE MORNING, and could eat for EVERY SINGLE MEAL!)
and Toast.
Let me tell you, I KNOW bread. I LOVE love LOVE bread! so when it comes to good bread I am an expert and that cafe's wheat Toast was some of the BEST I have ever put in my mouth!
anyway so they didn't just give me plain boring oatmeal, they gave me nuts, dried cranberries, and raisins to put in it. It was DELISH!
ALSO, our hotel had an Array of different Teas, and I have recently discovered my love for hot tea. It's soooo good. So I had some English Breakfast Tea.
I decided to be nice to everyone I came in contact with in hopes that my day would get better,
and it did!

So we got in the car, I rode up front with PawPaw because we didn't want nanny to get her "panties in a wad" again! haha!
so I rode up front, and today I GPS decided it wanted to actually work. at least for a few hours.
we went to GRACELAND...Elvis's Mansion
ahhhhh it was so SO fun.

I learned SO much about him.
there were some things that really Stunned me, such as
The difference in the cost of things then, compared to now.

For example, The Lisa Marie (his airplane) only cost him $899, 000.00 I mean Yeah thats is A LOT of money but compared with what a plane cost today, thats nothing, and that was including all of the customization that he had done to it. I mean the stinking SEATBELTS of the plane were made of 24K GOLD!

So the cost of things was shocking to me!

Something else I learned was Priscilla is a TRUE BEAUTY

oh my word I couldn't get over how gorgeous she was!

the most STUNNING thing to me though was his sense of STYLE
inside his house I realized his EYE for clean, and sleek line as well as bright color!
It was GORGEOUS and my future house will be inspired by his style!

& need I say....
Man oh man was that guy a HUNK!

I'm pretty sure he is the definition of HUNK haha,
 (at least my grandmommy and meme think so and I CANT deny that anymore)

So we had a BLAST at GRACELAND,

we then ventured off again with a DEAD BROKEN CRAP GPS!
had some fun....:):):) I LOVE MY PAWPAW and NANNY hahaha
it was eating time again
oh my GEEZ we made it past 12 without pawpaw dying of starvation :)
so we ate at this cute little  50's diner!

we made LOADS more memories and my nan and paw taught me a few things in these couple of hours

before heading back to our hotel to freshen up we stopped at the same diner for some ice cream.
the most expensive little snack I have ever seen
PawPaw got this HUGE banana Split, mom got a strawberry sundae, and nanny got a hot fudge sundae
it cost $20 + the tip for the waiter!
I was like WOW!
but at least they were large scoops of ice cream...I ate off of everyones, then me and pawpaw drew a face with the left overs. Yes we still play with our food!

we headed back out after freshening up, as we walked toward Beale street, there was a man who was yelling out to another man looking for rolling papers
I thought that was pretty hillarious

Oh man I left out something!!!
when we got back to our room, we walked in and our beds were still un-made, there were dirty towels still in the room, dirty coffee cups, dirty EVERYTHING. Our room hadn't been touched by anyone!
if you know my pawpaw, which im sure you don't. He is a very particular man, and can be VERY difficult to deal with. (which I LOVE because it's so entertaining)
anyway so He complains to them about the room, which then gets him on the subject that he cant get ESPN on the Telly which means he CANT watch MARCH MADNESS (basketball games)! so anyway he talks to the manager and gets them to clean up our room while we were out (this was at 10:30 that night, God bless those poor little workers)

we went back to Beale Street because I wanted to buy SOMETHING from memphis, I didn't find anything. everything was too big, so I couldnt buy like a shirt or anything. We did go in this pretty cool antique store that is on Beale Street.
So again with the drunkeness and trashy people, we had had enough of that so we start back to our room, and then it starts RAINING. yes RAINING!

So we power walk back to the room and eventually make it back

with a matted together straw-ish hairsprayed MESS on my head! haha!
anyway IT was a blast and exhausting so, we went to bed in a CLEAN room!

I woke up on the RIGHT side of the bed on SUNDAY morning, we got dressed and it was terrible rainy weather. We packed up our car and hit the road home!
It was a FANTASTIC trip
Nanny and PawPaw always make a trip so much fun
and I have NO IDEA what I would do without them!

Im SO thankful that I have a family that I can make so many memories with. I think its sad that most people don't even remember what they did on their sprink break because most of them are in a drunken stupper!
so SAD!



Kristin said...

That last Spring Break is definitely something. You'll remember it for years to come!

Brianna! said...

YES I will...Great memories are something that I never forget!
Im also going to make a little book of the entire trip:)
SO SOOO many pictures, too many to put in the blog:)

Thanks for reading!