March 3, 2010


I Really must come up with a Charming post title for this Sketchbook Project
other than just Sketchbook.
It REALLY annoys me every single time I start to post new drawings
and I Simply type "Sketchbook"

Any name suggestions anyone? 
(you can leave them in the comment section and I'll Love you forever!)

I just completed another drawing
Requested by Another one of my fellow Classmates 
Her name is Jessica!
She is a FANTASTIC Artist
Whom I have had Several Advanced Drawing classes with
& we have become rather Good friends!

She works A LOT with Pastels, and she has a very unique (as well as consistent) style, 
That I am ALWAYS able to pick out in a VAST amount of other peoples work!

I own these antique Heels that are a GORGEOUS Golden Color
& Jessica LOVES them
So, She requested that I draw them!

I LOVE these Shoes as well
They are one of my favorite pairs!

Hope you like the drawing Jessica
Lucky for you, (unlike many others) You will get to see your drawing in about 30 minutes 
when class starts.

The Drawing I'm going to be doing NEXT
is a drawing for one of my BEST new Friends, WHITNEY !
(I know you're STOKED Whitney)
Read her blog by clicking on her name

well friends, 
as much as I DO NOT want to
I must go to do a little researching before my next class. 



whitney said...

OH MY GOSH! i am so excited! and i LOVEEEEEE the drawing of the shoes too!
i love you bestieee frann!

Brianna! said...

Oh my GOSH would DIE over those shoes
They are AMAZING
and you know what makes them even better
My Michael bought them for me!!!