March 4, 2010

Hair Time!

Tomorrow when I get out of class
I'm heading to Cullman
for a MUCH MUCH needed
Hair Appointment

It's getting closer to SPRING-SUMMERish Weather
which means
Bye Bye Red, at least for a few months.

AHHH When I saw this Hair Bow,
Holy BANANAS, It's Adorable!

I also would LOVE to cut all of my hair off

But, I've come so far (for the 843,902,892 time!)
It always gets this length then I cut it off
But this time I am not going to give in to temptation

I found these hair accessories

I REALLY want that Hat!
But I can make one myself rather than purchasing one, plus
if I make it will be more valuable to me:)
It will also give me a little something to blog (DIY Post??)

I MUST hit the sack Class always seems to come REALLY early.



whitney said...

ah! make me a black hat like that! i'm in love!

Brianna! said...

I KNOW:) Isn't it SO SO SOOO adorable!