March 3, 2010

Sketchbook & a P.S.

I have TWO
Brand new Drawings for you

Again, if you haven't seen the posts below
These drawings are all part of a little project I have going on
I posted a status asking people what I should draw,
and in return
I would post it on my Blog for them to see!

So These are part of that project

This was requested by Stacie

She Requested a Tree.
I LOVE WILLOW trees, so I had to include at least one
of my own personal Favorite!

Stacie I Hope you Love the Drawing

This Next drawing was requested by Frances
who is one of my fellow classmates
We have had SEVERAL classes together over the years
and she is an AMAZING ARTIST

She requested Antique perfume bottles.
I chose not to put the main focus on the perfume itself.
Instead, I added a pair of reading glasses, and pearls
To give the drawing some nice curves and flow

Frances I hope you like the drawing.
I'll be seeing You Bright and Early in the morning :)

Well, THAT WAS FUN & There will be LOADS more of these sketches!
So be looking for them!

Until TOMORROW Friends

P.s. This Girl, [RAEGHAN] is AMAZING
& I MISS her MORE than words could EVER describe!

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