March 2, 2010


A specific color has been catching my eye ALL DAY!
and that is

Here are some Purple Pretties

(Cred 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9)

I ADORE the color Purple
It's delightful
and REALLY makes me ready for SPRING!

I'm Waitng Very Patiently For Your Arrival Oh So Pretty Spring, Please Hurry and Get here!

Hopefully, I will be back later for some more sketch Posts!
I have so many cute blogs I want to get to,
But I have been burdened by School Work

I need endurance and Strength
So if you believe in the power of Prayer, Please be praying for me!

Ohhhhh &
(I couldn't help but stick to the Purple Theme)
THURSDAY I'm getting my hair colored & cut,
any Ideas...throw them my way please
Tootlie Lou

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