March 1, 2010

Sketch Book Additions:)

This is another addition
to the little sketchbook project I have going on

I completed two more drawings
The first one was requested by Kelly

She said that for a final she had in Art Appreciating
 (I think that was the class, forgive me if I am wrong)
They had to draw a clothespin
So here's my take on the clothespin

Pretty straight forward!
But I think its a Cutie of a Clothespin;)

The next request
was By Karin
She wanted me to draw her sons
who are two of the most gorgeous boys
Here is what I ended up with

Ladies I Hope you enjoy my drawings!
Thanks for the input on the post....I've really enjoyed this project
so be sure to stay tuned for more drawings to come!

Later Gator!

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