March 1, 2010

Online Pretties (wants and NEEDS!)

First I want to apologize for being SO OVERWHELMED with work, and school that I Didn't get to blog too much over the weekend!

School is really hitting hard this semester with gracious amounts of material to read
It can be a pain in my boo-tay sometimes

but in actuality I like it for the most part and have come to enjoy it

It makes me feel pretty smart to even be able so semi-comprehend the works of such BRILLIANT people!

Anway, enough about all the serious stuff
I need a mental break, 
So, I'm going to give myself a treat with some online


(p.s. This display doesn't even COMPARE to the one at Bridge street but the balloons are Lovely!)

This weekend when I went to Bridge Street, 
Anthropologie had the most GORGEOUS window displays I have 
EVER seen!

They absolutely stunned me and REALLY made me want to purchase A LOT of things that I could only view from outside of its beautiful window, 
because they had already closed by the time we made it there!
It was a rather painful experience.

Here are some Item I would so desperately LOVE to purchase....(if I could that is ha!)

Romper Lounge wear
Anything Striped!

Dresses & Skirts

Can hardly wait for warm weather to wear pretty dresses!
OH, and also SWIM

If I weren't such a fanatic about TERRIBLE tan lines
I would ♥ to buy this 
I think its PRECIOUS

Pretty Colored & Embellished Shirts!

SUPER Girly shoes & Accessories

One Last thing that I LOVEEEE
This Sunglasses case!
AHHHH its Perfect for my Rose Ray Bands

Hope you enjoyed, 
and maybe I can purchase some of these soon 
until then I'll just have to look & lust I guess

Sweetie Peaches Loves

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