March 27, 2010

Interesting Style?

Today is a LOVELY day!

one of those days that just makes you feel like you just need some icecream.

My Mikey LOVES

He ALWAYS gets
1/2 Vanilla & 1/2 Chocolate, although they make one that is vanilla and chocolate mixed together, he insists that it's different. I believe him!
I on the other hand LOVE rainbow ones.
On the beach trips with his family, the condo is right across the road from a Dip n Dots, and we go there every EVERY day...more than once a day:)
I think his love for Dip n Dots is rather, ADORABLE!

Now for the interesting style that the title of this blog is referring to
As I was "pecking around" (as my nanny calls it)
on Blogger
I found some really interesting artists!
so I wanted to share them with you.

While I was "pecking" the first things I ran across that struck my interest
was the ADORABLE blog
(pronounced: Mode-ish)
be sure and Check out her blog here!
She also runs a Vintage shop in Portland.
Through her blog I found
the work by ana raimundo
Which REALLY struck my interest so I wanted to share...

See How UNIQUE her work is....It just REALLY caught my eye!

The PostCards were my absolute FAVORITE!
and I will probably end up buying some:)

These are called Ugly faces hahaaa I just love that!
Anway please check it all out here.

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