March 10, 2010

Help & eye candy!

HELP me, Please!

I found this dress.
It's really cute
.....I think??!!

I mean I think its soooo adorable
(the over all cut and style of the dress), 
but at the same time I'm having a conflict on if its just TOO MUCH to actually wear, 
I mean is it too Frantic and busy with all of the colors??
What do you think??

Here are a few more Pretty Dresses that I found last thing before I head off to class
Myself and the LOVELY Whitney Tomlin 
are planning a FANTASTIC girls trip to 
to see

That's right
the amazingly talented
Bryce Avary 

That will be a SUPER great start to my LAST Spring Break!

Be back later with a drawing (hopefully)


whitney said...

yay for the rocket summer!

and the dress.. since im your friend.. i must tell you i think it's too busy haha!
BUT you can pull off anything, i def can't so maybe it will look cute!

Brianna! said...

ahhh im so confused about it.
I know its SO busy
and REALLY overwhelming but for some reason I still like it!