November 6, 2009

Fun little questions

1. Where is your cell phone?  In front of me slightly to the right.

2.Your hair?  Oh what to say about my hair. It changes colors quite often. Its one of my favorite parts of my day. I love to fix my hair. I think hair can really say alot about a person:)

This is when it was PINK, which I absolutely LOVED so SO sooo much I miss it:(

3. Your Mother?  Oh my my mommy is sooo Gorgeous. and shes the best seriously!!
4. Your Father? My dad is GREAT! He's the funniest person on the planet. He makes everyone's day and I don't know anyone who doesnt love him!

5. Your Favorite Food?? hmmm gosh thats really hard. I love foods from all different cultures, but I also Love CHICKEN very very much!

6. Your Dream Last Night?? was crazy...lets leave it at that!

7.  Your favorite Drink??  COFFEE Most definitely!

8.  Your Dream Goal??  I so so SO badly want a place where I can create art and create art and create art! MY OWN STUDIO:) 

 (From the Back Window, 291, 1915, Alfred Stieglitz)
9. What room are you in??  My parent's living being home so so MUCH!
10. What is your hobby??   

I Paint!

11. What is your fear??
Why fear....I've got Jesus!!

12. Where were you last night??
Road trip'n it to Birmingham with my Mr.
13. Something you are not??
a meanie pants
14. Muffins??
Lemon Poppy seed please?!!
Love them, like seriously
15. Wish list items??
My Degree please! Oh, but I am so so close!

16. Where did you grow up??
 In the lovely Birmingham, Alabama
Love it here!

17. Last thing you did??
Read a little about the great photographer Alred Stieglitz!

18. What are you wearing??

My favorite lounge sweatshirt! It's the Loveliest shade of Blue.

19. Your TV?? 
About to be watching these two
20. Your pets??
Is so adorable cute,...but she is seriously due for a groomer visit!

21. Your friends??

22. Your life??
is most definitely BLESSED

23. Your mood??
MARTHA STEWART enough said!

24. Missing someone??
the so Lovely BEST FRIEND

25. Vehicle??

26. Something you’re not wearing??
makeup.  which I LOVE so so MUCH

27. Your favorite store??
anything that is independently owned!
so inspiring

28. Your favorite color??
in general: YELLOW
shirt color:Greens, Blues, Purples and Neutrals!

29. When’s the last time you laughed??
A few minutes ago actually:)

30. When’s the last time you cried??
well aren't you just a Nosie Rosie haha

31. Your best friend?? 
My Michael

& Miss Raeghan

33. One person who emails me regularly??

34. Favorite place to eat??
 Japanese Cuisine, Please!
Love the food,
and Atmosphere!


35. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
I want to be completely and totally following the Plans that GOD has for me.

Lovely isn't it!
loves friends, bB




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Kandi-Queen said...

brianna, you're the sweetest person i know. such an inspiration to everyone that knows you. :) i just adore you pretty much! :) i hope you have an amazing day today!